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About Rockford Pediatric Pulmonology

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Rockford Pediatric Pulmonology, Ltd. was started as an independent medical practice specializing in the care of infants, children and young adults with respiratory diseases. Dr. Shoberg is the only board certified pediatric pulmonologist in the Northern Illinois region. The practice works in conjunction with the local primary care physician to coordinate care for the patient with special needs relating to the pulmonary system. All patients are required to have a primary care physician who is willing to work in conjunction with Dr. Shoberg.

The practice has grown steadily over the years and has added a number of services, including:a pediatric sleep laboratory, a full pulmonary function laboratory specifically designed for the needs of children down to age three, chest x-ray capabilities on site, exercise and methacholine challenge testing and flexible bronchoscopy services in collaboration with Rockford Memorial Hospital.

In the past year, Dr. Shoberg has also joined the active staff at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago to coordinate care of children in need of higher levels of care that can not be provided on the local level. This has been especially useful for patients with cystic fibrosis and other less common illnesses. Close communication and a team approach can allow ongoing care of the complicated and technology dependent patient close to home.

We hope to continue to serve the needs of children and young adults in the Northern Illinois region today and for years to come.

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